Our Book Sale would not be possible without the dedication of more than 100 year-round volunteers. Our year-round volunteers sort, price and pack books according to defined categories.

Other year-round opportunities include researching books online, writing about a book’s condition, or cleaning and inspecting books prior to their sale.

There are volunteer opportunities to suit everyone — some include working from home and or tasks that don’t require heavy lifting!

Volunteer Opportunities:

Cashier at annual sale
- Each September, the sale is held for 10 days and requires cashiers to process cash, checks and credit cards. Each shift is two hours long.

Customer service at annual sale - Each September, the sale is held for 10 days and requires volunteers to assist customers find book titles, assist customers find book categories, and to keep the books tidy. Each shift is two hours long.

Sorting books - This volunteer position processes our donated books by assessing the book and sorting them into 40 different categories.

Pricing and packing books - This volunteer position is assigned a category of books and is trained to price books for the annual sale and pack them for storage.

Researching books online - This volunteer position is done at the warehouse using a computer. Books are scanned to determine if they have enough value to sell online. Researchers are trained to search online for books and to determine book condition. We also have positions for researching 'Specials' where volunteers are trained to research book value online. This work may be done from home.

Inspecting books -Before books are shipped for online sale, they are inspected, flaws are flagged, and smudges are cleaned. This job is done at the warehouse in small groups of five volunteers at a time. It requires no heavy lifting and is done sitting down.

Writing about a book's condition -Books that will be shipped to be sold online need a written description of their condition. This is done at home using your own computer in a time that fits with your schedule. Writers come to the warehouse, pick up boxes of books, take them home and return them when finished. For those interested in writing who don’t have a home computer, it is possible to write-up books at the warehouse. Writers will be trained to learn to judge book condition accurately.

Shift times for the various volunteer opportunities vary…please contact us for more information!

  Why Volunteer?
  • It’s amazing fun!
  • You get free books!
  • You’ll make friends!
  • You can make a difference for Planned Parenthood!
Click here to Volunteer for Book Sale

Please call 805.722.1517 or email [email protected] for more information.


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